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News/Intellectual Capital

BDO Seidman’s New Manager Training in Houston, Texas at the Woodlands Resort

  • “Introduction to Project Management, The Key to Superior Execution” in Houston, Texas, December 4, 2007
  • Attendees included newly appointed managers from accounting, auditing, tax preparation, and compliance.

The University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois at The Graham School of General Studies

  • “Introduction to Project Management” in Chicago, Illinois, 2006/2007
  • Attendees included business, information technology, engineering, and academic professionals.

The Women's Leadership Conference in New York for Standard and Poor's

  • Sandra launched Standard & Poor's first leadership development series on Wall Street entitled: "How to Assess and Manage Your Own Career" on Wall Street in New York City, August 3, 2004.
  • Attendees included senior executives and women in middle management.

Association of Investment Bankers Management Sales Executives (AIMSE) 27th Annual Conference. Sandra presented two sessions:

  • "Personal Branding" in Orlando, Florida, May 2- 4, 2004
  • "How to Develop Your Professional Tool Kit" in Orlando, Florida May 2-4, 2004.
  • Attendees included Marketing and Sales Executives representing over 400 international investment firms and institutional banks.

WGN Television, Chicago, IL - Morning Show Contributor
Click on the topics listed below to view clips of Sandra addressing a variety of “work place issues” and “career strategy” questions in response to viewer’s e-mail queries.

Career Strategies


Get a Mentor
"The pairing should depend on mutual interest, an ability to trust, be honest,
remain confidential and provide feedback."
Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.; Working Section Jan 9, 2002; Barbara B.
Bucholtz Special to the Tribune

Wedded to the Job: When your workplace feels more homey than home, it's
time to get a life

"Too often a job isn't just a job. The culture of work is frequently one of
overwork, which has left people with little time or energy to invest in their
friends, family, or community. Instead they build their identities - and their
world - around their jobs."
Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.; Working Section page 1, Oct. 8 2003; Catharine
Bell Special to the Tribune.

Don't get trapped by upward mobility
"How do you deal with the unfairness and frustration of losing your job? Is it
really ok to kick, scream and yell? Career Coach Sandra J. Bishop, President of
Executive Solutions based in Chicago says "Yes, it is. For a while..."
Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.; Section 3 page 2, January 29, 2004; Carol


Male Execs Like Female Coaches
"Men hold 94% of the highest corporate jobs, but they usually turn to women
when they want the advice of an executive coach."
Del Jones, "Male Execs Like Female Coaches," USA Today.

CEO Coaches
"As an organizational agnostic with no agenda, a coach can move up and down
the ranks, sleuthing out the shadow culture - all the subtextural undercurrents
driving the company that are never talked about."
Michelle Conlin, "CEO Coaches," BusinessWeek, 11 November 2002, 98-104.


Career strategist Sandra J. Bishop has appeared regularly on WGN TV answering viewers questions regarding workplace issues and job search strategies.


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