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With the booming executive coaching industry becoming a $2.4 billion business, organizations and executives alike are realizing the value of maximizing performance for success. An investment in executive coaching is fast becoming the smart investment in today’s uncertain economy.

Sandra Bishop’s Services Include:

  • Career Evaluation and Management: Are you at a cross-roads in your career?  I have helped hundreds of executives/ professionals define their goals and create a clear path to achieve success. Clients tell me that my career evaluation approach saves them valuable time and money –clarifying where they are today and defining where they want to be tomorrow.

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching/Personal Branding: In the global marketplace replete with mergers and acquisitions, change is constant, and it is mission critical that you stay ahead of the curve…but how? By working with an executive coach and developing your own unique brand, you are ensured to be well defined, packaged, positioned and sought after for high level positions. Business leaders leverage an executive coach to help gain promotion, find a new position, establish a business or department, work though a challenge or succeed in a new endeavor. Coaching and branding can help you become more successful and uncover optimal ROI for you and your company.
  • Executive Leadership Skills: Developing these skills anew can make the difference between maintaining the status quo, salary, position, and success you desire or remaining trapped in an unfulfilling/ mediocre role. I have the expertise and successful track record to provide you with a full assessment, a strategic plan and proven techniques to help you develop a tool kit for dynamic leadership and execution. This translates into improved self-confidence and a great skill set, which will help spark your team members, deal with existing and future challenges and improve productivity across the board. Powerful leadership in a company is critical in today’s economy, where the blame game occurs on a daily basis.

  • Conflict Negotiator: No matter how successful an organization is, conflict exists. It is inevitable – it happens between managers and their direct reports, department heads, on the executive team and support staff – it occurs at all levels. When the business starts to suffer, then it is time to take action. I have a strong track record as a tough negotiator with exceptional communication and assessment skills. My objectivity and strong ability to influence are central to this process. Additionally, my positive energy and political savvy enable me to quickly engage clients, establish the central issues, promote dialog, provide direction, and resolve the conflict diplomatically.
  • Crisis Management: In today’s corporate environment, crisis at some point is unavoidable and unpredictable. I can help you and your team work through your current challenge, and foster as much best practice necessary to minimize the severity of potential crisis by having a plan in place. My expertise and skills allow me to come in quickly during a crisis and: 1) identify the real nature of the crisis 2) intervene to minimize the crisis 3) put a plan in place to recover from the situation.
  • Stress Management and Tools: Sometimes you don’t know your limits until you reach them! Today, many executives feel that they have reached their stress limits in the hectic, ever-evolving corporate world. My stress management approach will help you create and maintain a work life balance, reduce anxiety and decrease stress while maximizing your leadership and productivity.

  • Team Coaching and Motivation Techniques: My coaching will teach you and your team how to get the best out of everyone. I teach the most effective principles and best practices for performance management, communication, conflict identification/ resolution and motivational techniques. My proven approach will enhance your team’s personal, interpersonal and group effectiveness for optimal performance.

  • Professional Speaker and Presenter: I deliver presentations on a wide variety of workplace issues, career strategy and professional development. I also offer continuing education for managers and senior managers using a highly energetic, interactive style. Each speaking engagement, educational seminar, and keynote address is customized specifically to the client’s profession, industry, or strategic goal. Central to my process is my holistic approach, empowering spirit, and use of energy work to help individuals to “Just Do It!”

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