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Client Testimonials

"Sandra has helped me through some of the most trying times in our economic history. Her insight and guidance is invaluable. She has a peaceful way about her that helps me stay focused and at the same time energized for the job at hand.”

-National Accounts Manager for a leading US Investment Firm

I met Sandra when I was in need of a career transition. Sandra taught me high-level networking skills to use internally at my company and externally to build up my network in the industry. She approaches her clients holistically to ensure they are firing on all pistons. She has an incredible approach to the corporate world and gives the best advice for those seeking a job change or more seniority in their current role.”
-Senior Vice President at Large, Global Asset Management Firm

I sought Sandra’s guidance for personal as well as professional reasons. Working in a predominately male environment gives rise to a lot of preferential treatment to men. It’s hard to navigate. The political atmosphere where I work is also a huge hurdle because it’s so diverse. 
-National Accounts Manager for a Leading US Investment Firm

I can say without hesitation that without Sandra’s coaching, I would not be on the amazing career path that I am on. I never would have taken the steps on my own that she encouraged me to take, as necessary as they were. I was too afraid and unsure to make the changes on my own, and would not have been able to assess what my next steps should be. Sandra’s coaching made everything seem so realistic and attainable rather than overwhelming and scary."
President of Wardrobe Consulting & Styling Company

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial endorsing Sandra Bishop, who has been my Recovery Coach for the last year. Two weeks after I left in-patient treatment, I began working with Sandra. She helped me re-enter my Senior-Executive Position and quickly became an integral part of my successful, low-keyed, and effective re-integration back into the main stream. She made it very clear to me that she was not my sponsor or my treatment counselor, but an Executive Business Coach and Career Strategist who had a deep understanding of addiction with 14 years experience supporting executives in a variety of industries. She helped me return to my world emphasizing the importance of a re-entry plan, solid communication and accountability. She is absolutely great – I couldn’t have done it without her.”
- Jeffrey K.

Sandra’s coaching has made a significant difference in my business skills and executive leadership after I left treatment.  She is skilled at keeping her clients focused, especially during the normal course of business with its ups and downs – which I had not been a part of for three months. During our sessions, Sandra helped me to continually prioritize, get clear about action-steps and planful about implementation, time after time, project after project and meeting after meeting. The structure she facilitated gave me a great deal of confidence as I re-entered. I would recommend Sandra to any senior executive who wants to achieve and maintain success(recovery) in business and at home.
- Jimmy D.

Sandra’s ability to guide her clients is exceptional. With her assistance, I am now armed with recovery insights that I can apply to my business setting in relationships and in my spiritual journey. Sandra embodies all the attributes you want in an Executive Recovery Coach – an in-depth knowledge of the disease, an intent listener, a compassionate nurturer, a focused motivator. I recommend Sandra's services with only one exception: Be prepared to experience transformation and growth you cannot imagine.”
- Judy Backe

Sometimes, all we need to get out of a rut is a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes – and a coach named Sandra Bishop. A good business coach can provide that perspective and Sandra is good. She has the experience, expertise and credentials; but, more importantly she brings 14 years of Executive experience with her. If you're facing a turning point in life, struggling with a failing business, trying to launch a new one, or even trying to find a new career, Sandra can help turn it all around. Let's face it: people who are able to achieve great things never do it alone.”
- Stacy L.




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